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4S shop whole car painting price inquiry and comparison

For a variety of reasons, owners may need to have their vehicles painted all over, whether to repair scratches and blemishes or to change the exterior color. To determine the price of the whole car painting in the 4S shop, the following factors need to be considered:

1. Vehicle size and model

Different sizes and models of vehicles require different amounts and types of paint materials, so prices will vary. In general, large vehicles require more paint materials, so the price may be slightly higher.

2. Paint color and quality

4S stores offer a variety of paint color options, from common basic colors to personalized special effects colors. Special effects colors usually require a higher cost, so the price will increase accordingly. In addition, the quality of the paint is also one of the factors affecting the price. A high-quality spray paint coating will be more durable, but it will also lead to an increase in price.

3. Painting process and technology

4S shops usually use professional painting process and technology to ensure the quality and durability of the painting effect. If the store uses advanced painting equipment and technology, the price may increase accordingly.

4. Geography

Price levels may vary by region. Generally speaking, the price of 4S stores in first-tier cities may be relatively high, while the price of second - and third-tier cities may be relatively low.

In general, the price factors of the whole car painting in 4S shops include the size and model of the vehicle, the color and quality of the painting, the painting process and technology, and the geographical location. According to different needs and budgets, owners can choose their own painting scheme. In the selection of 4S shop for the whole car painting, it is recommended to compare with a number of shops, and carefully understand its painting process, the use of materials, service quality and after-sales protection. This ensures satisfactory painting results and protects the long-term beauty and value of the vehicle's appearance.


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