How to solve the problem of paint infiltration or degumming of paper tape

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First of all, before using the paper tape, ensure that the surface of the car is clean and dust-free, and use the appropriate detergent to clean the surface, so that the tape can adhere better. When attaching the paper tape, it is necessary to maintain even and appropriate force to ensure the adhesion of the tape. If the paint infiltration problem still exists, you can consider replacing a better quality paper tape, or adjust the spray pressure and spray distance to reduce the impact of spray pressure on the tape.

Second, choose a good quality paper tape, and ensure that the tape is firmly attached before painting. A tool such as a palm or a scraper can be used to firmly compact the tape to ensure it is in full contact with the surface of the car. In addition, ensure that the adhesive tape is attached at a suitable ambient temperature to avoid the tape being affected by overheating or undercooling. If the degumming problem persists, you can choose to use other auxiliary adhesives, such as glue or tape tackifier, to enhance the adhesive force of the tape.

In addition, choose the appropriate painting pressure and painting distance to avoid too high pressure resulting in paint infiltration, or too far distance resulting in uneven painting. At the same time, the masking tape should be properly shielded before painting to prevent the paint mist or sputtering during the painting process from affecting the tape. After painting, remove the paper tape in time to avoid the tape sticking to the surface of the car for a long time.

In short, to solve the problem of paint penetration or degumming of paper tape in the process of automobile painting, it is necessary to pay attention to the comprehensive factors of tape quality, firm adhesion and spray painting operation details. Reasonable selection of tape, the use of auxiliary adhesives and the mastery of painting skills can help avoid these problems and ensure the beauty and quality of the car painting effect.

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